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  • 1 day

Keep your loved one happy, surprised and ENTERTAINED throughout their special day! Have a mimic BOLLYWOOD STARS call your loved one and wish them in the whackiest and most entertaining ways to leave them in splits and give them their most unexpectedly fun day! A true surprise with each call being heavens apart to keep them guessing and every wish being super fun and special to keep them on cloud 9!

What's Included :
- 5 calls by the mimic artist at different intervals enacting various stars and wishing your loved one

Specifications :
- The calls will be made between 9am to 9pm
- The call duration varies from 1-2 minutes
- In case the person doesn’t respond or the phone is unreachable, we try again to ensure all the calls happen. If the special person is offended with the calls and don’t want them continued, the customer will be intimated immediately. The amount, in such a case, will not be refunded
- You can tell us the preferences for the bollywood stars you would the artist to mimic
- Booking subject to availability. Please read the terms and conditions of the website
- All prices inclusive of GST

Add ons :
- Midnight call for Rs 500

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