Horse Carriage

  • 6000
  • 30 mins

If you want to surprise someone who has come to Kolkata just for a day, or if you're celebrating your parents' 25th anniversary, or your child's birthday, this local experience is sure to leave an everlasting memory.

What's Included :
- Red carpet entry
- Bunch of flowers
- Refreshments
- Personalized decor
- Music

Specifications :
- The carriage can take upto a maximum of 4 people
- Please mail the photos to be put up on the carriage at
- The carriage can go to any area apart from Park Street and any area specifically under military control
- The ride starts between 11:30 pm and 12 am to avoid traffic congestion. However, the service can also be availed anytime post 9:30 am, the last ride being at midnight
- Please ensure booking atleast before 2 days of surprise
- Booking subject to availability.Please read the terms and conditions of the website
- All prices inclusive of Service Taxes

Add ons :
- A cake, bottle of wine and a box of snacks for Rs.2650
- A photographer to capture the special moments for Rs. 2000
- Cold fire entry on either side of the carpet for Rs. 2000
- A guitarist to play their favourite songs for Rs. 3500

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