Terrace Date

  • 20000

Turn your terrace into the most romantic place in the world. A surreal evening spent under the starry sky with the best of food and a personal butler.

What's Included :
- Meal prepared by a live chef
- One pound cake
- Private butler
- Bottle of wine : Alcoholic or Non Alcoholic
- Bunch of flowers
- Live Musician playing songs for 15-20 minutes
- Candle light setup and decoration with table and chairs

Specifications :
- Please ensure electric points on the terrace for the induction to be setup
- This package is for a couple only. Additional invitees will entail higher charges for the food, table setup and other services
- The menu can be mutually discussed
- Please ensure booking atleast before 5 days of surprise
- Booking subject to availability.Please read the terms and conditions of the website
- All prices inclusive of Service Taxes

Add ons :
- A photographer to capture the special moments for Rs. 2000
Cold fire entry on either side of the carpet for Rs. 2000
A violinist or a saxophone player for Rs. 3500
A Projector setup with sound system, laptop and screen for Rs.5000(depending on the area)
- A DJ setup can be done at an additional charge of Rs. 12000

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