Being Single

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These mini-figures just leveled things up. Forget carrying pictures, these 3D mini-clones are the new cool. Gift your loved ones these so that they can hug them when they are happy or miss you! Or gift them their own clone so that they can be their own hero during their tough times! Take it where ever you go without being tensed about it getting crumbled

What's Included :
- A 3D image of you scanned, printed and delivered to your house

Specifications :
- There will be a scanning process undertaken in the client's house to capture the details of the person
- The product will be delivered to your location after a period of 10 days
- Please ensure booking atleast before 14 days of surprise
- Booking subject to availability.Please read the terms and conditions of the website
- All prices inclusive of Service Taxes

Add ons :
- A cake with a platter with candles, poppers and balloons for Rs.1500
- A guitarist to play their favourite songs for Rs. 2650 between 9 am to 9 pm or 3800 between 9 pm to midnight
- Couple Clones can also be done for Rs.11500

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