Yash and Pratibha’s beautiful wedding proposal in Kolkata!

What you are about to read in this article is the most beautiful and romantic proposal story ever! The one that gives you #WeddingGoals. The one that makes you go wooooaahh. Lets take you behind the scenes of how we managed to set this romantic proposal up, and ofcourse all the reactions and unexpected woahs.

Meet Yash and Pratibha!

Yash here is the planner in charge. So a little story about what he had in mind when it came to asking the big question: He called us looking to finally pop the question to long time girlfriend Pratibha. Yash had been wanting to get the proposal monkey off his back since a very long time, but then COVID happened, and the lockdown just kept postponing his plans. Finally, as the lockdown norms started getting eased, he knew it was time. “I just want to do something big but also very intimate, I want it to be perfect and something that just totally lights her up!” said Yash.

Yash and Pratibha smiling!
All smiles after she said yes!

We got to our planning boards, trying to figure out what will totally blow away Pratibha. Having planned 600+ of these awesome moments, we wanted to do something totally out of the box. And thus came the idea of what could be more romantic than a private boat ride, at sunset, the gentle breeze, a private dining experience (of course after the yeses have been exchanged) and an experience customized to the tee.
We chalked everything out and got back to Yash. “This is literally everything I wanted” was the exact words Yash said, and we now got to work!

25th June strikes

Its D-Day and we reach the venue to start setting up for what is going to be a beautiful evening. The whole experience is customized for the happy couple, from table mats to show pieces to the decor to the menu, even the champagne tags!

Safety Standards:

Following the COVID Guidelines were top priority and we ensured that all standards had been met. Quarantining of food items, routine sanitization of all surfaces and touch points, wearing of gloves and masks and temperatures checks were constantly done.

The setup looked as we planned it and we crossed our fingers that the couple loves it! Check out the surprise and its details here: https://www.outboxsurprises.com/surprise/bonvoyage/details

The clock finally struck 5PM and we got a call from Yash that they had reached the venue. As planned we asked him to blindfold Pratibha and bring her through to the boat, where we were ready for the big moment!

The Big Moment!

There was Yash holding Pratibha’s hand as he guided her towards the boat!

And then he went down on his knee and popped the big question!

Yash goes down on one knee and asks will you marry me.

And there were only hugs, kisses and smiles after that!

The champagne bottle was popped and the couple cruised on to sunset!

The evening rolled on and the couple just enjoyed their happy day with good food and great company! The music added an additional star to the day as the danced and celebrated.

We also spoke to Pratibha and asked her how has this day been for her. “I am totally overwhelmed. I didn’t even have an iota of a clue that Yash was planning anything let alone this whole thing! This has been the most romantic proposal I could have ever dreamt of and it looked like all my Pinterest boards had come to life! The best day ever and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life growing old with this guy! Totally amazing!”

All our efforts seemed to have paid off in multiples of thousands! Asking the big question of “Will You Marry Me” is pretty daunting, so we make sure that we make the day as beautiful as it can get and you can focus on popping the question!

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What’s New at Outbox! Hampers and More

We at Outbox entered the world of hampers this August! Owing to the pandemic, people have not been comfortable to go out on physical dates, surprise people face to face, and anything that requires close proximity.

Owing to this, we decided to hone in on the creative skills of our Outboxers and came up with hampers in-house! Here are some hampers that fit all occasions and will brighten up the special day of your loved one:

Snack Bar:
Filled with the favorite snacks of your loved ones, and photos and message tags make this a great hamper to gift!

Gamer Hamper:
For the person who you just can’t separate from their console! Gift this to the gamer head to brighten up their occasion!

Bride Box:
The best gift for all your bridesmaids! The box is personalized in Golden Letters with their names and the products can be custom picked!

Bar on Wheels:
For the friend who just can’t get through life without his booze!

Table Decor:
Enjoy a lavish meal and an even grander setup! Complete with photos and tags and table mats, all elements are personalized according to your guests!

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5 Must-Have Birthday Gifts for your Boyfriend!

Looking for the perfect gifts for your boyfriend? Here are a list of 5 Must-Have Birthday Gifts for your boyfriend! Be it surprising him on his birthday or your anniversary, these surprises will light their face right up and you can celebrate their day in the best way possible!
Cakes and flowers are a thing of the past, be the best partner ever and book the best birthday gifts for your boyfriend!

The Lit Cabana Date:

Trying to setup the perfect date? An intimate evening of just you two under the stars, a beautiful setup and lavish food to go with it? This is the perfect option for you!
This setup is done right at your terrace or backyard. Pair it up with the table setup and chairs and there you have your perfect date setup!
We can also arrange the food and a private butler to add a tinge of luxury to your romantic date.
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Image of the LIT Cabana Date

Car Decor:

This car decor will keep your romance in drive! A very sweet surprise for his birthday that will brighten his day right up. You can drive your car to his house and take him on a long drive, and then open up the trunk to wish him very happy birthday!
Here is what a client of ours recently did for her boyfriend’s birthday: “I asked him to be ready and that I had planned something special for him. I pulled up to his house and we set course for a long drive outside the city. We reached this beautiful spot and it was around sunset. I asked him to open up the trunk, and there was this beautiful decor which totally lit his face up. He cut his birthday cake and I played music from the car. I had picked up his favourite food, and we sat on this beautiful field with the trunk open and music playing and feasted on great food! One of the best experiences I could have ever planned!”

Image of the Car Decor

Personalized Hampers:

We have a whole range of hamper options that you can choose from! Or if you would like something custom made for your boyfriend, we can do that too!
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Image of a Personalized Hamper

Proposal Setup:

Are you ready to finally take the big step? Pop the question? We bring to you the best and the most elaborate proposal setups that will make your dream proposal come true. We have planned 600+ proposals with a 100% yes rate 😉 Setting up a proposal can be extremely challenging, you are not only taking a big step forward but you also want it to go extremely smoothly and beautifully.

Image of a Proposal Setup

Candlelight Dinners:

Your boyfriend will absolutely love you for this! A perfect candlelight dinner is the best way to end a lovely day on an even more beautiful a note. We make sure that your candlelight dinners are extremely personalized and well curated experiences. From personalized table setups, to big LED letters, to a path of roses and candles, we do everything to make sure you have the experience of a lifetime.

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How To Pamper her on Karva Chauth!

Your wife does not want jewelry on Karva Chauth! Trust us. Well, she may. But on the day where your wife chooses you over food, that’s the day you know she loves you. And she is not looking for you to bring her expensive gifts, necklaces and cause a dent in your pocket. All she is looking for is a little surprise from you, that tells her how much she means to you.

So, instead of the same old jewelry gifting business on every occasion. Do something this year that will actually make her love you more. So here are some surprise options for Karva Chauth in Kolkata:

1. The Biggest Karva Chauth Gift: A 4-foot box filled with balloons and your messages attached to them. This will be the most touching surprise you could get for her!

2. The Sweet-Heart: What’s better than Ferrero Rochers and Roses together! And that too in a heart-shaped box. You’ll sweep her right off her feet!

3. Foot Spa: Oh she’ll love you for this! Getting a foot spa on a day that you’re made to be intrinsically hungry on, she’ll enjoy the hell out of this. And on top of that, we’ll also deliver a personalized message on your behalf!

4. String of Memories: This is bound to fill her with nostalgia. A frame with all your favorite moments in Polaroids and lovely lights to make it the perfect gift!

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