A surprise 50 years in the making!

If you’re looking for a birthday story better than this, then we’d have to say sorry friend, you can search the lengths and breadths of the internet but you’ll never find anything better than this, so here’s us saving you time and narrating the greatest birthday diary ever told.

This story is about Nicola and Amitava, and a surprise that has been 50 years in the making. Starting off with Nicola trying to figure out the perfect birthday surprise for her husband’s 50th birthday surprise. But the biggest elixir to this story is the fact that Amitava has been born and brought up in Kolkata the City of Joy, and Nicola a veteran of England, who has never been to Kolkata wanted to plan the biggest surprise for her husband-to-be in his native city!

On the quest for the perfect surprise, Nicola started her planning months in advance. She was sure about one thing though: her stay at the Oberoi Grand. She had gone through thousands of searches trying to find something special in Kolkata. After all the head-scratching, she finally got in touch with the Concierge at the Oberoi, and asked them if they could do something special. Which is where, your favourite surprise factory, us (duh), came to the party.

We bombarded Nicola with tons of surprise options, so she could plan the birthday of her dreams for her hubby-to-be. Everything had to be kept completely under the sheets (another forte of ours, trust us, the stories we have in store) obviously, a back-and-forth of mails commenced for months, and we finally had a birthday schedule to die for.

The happy couple landed in Kolkata on 27th of August, and was Amitava in for the greatest turn of events. Hoping to spend a chill few days in his hometown, he received his very first surprise on the next morning. Early in the morning, a royal ride arrived to take them to the Calcutta Airport where a private Helicopter awaited.

Amitava had always wanted to ride a helicopter, and what better way to check it off his bucket list. The chopper gave the couple a tour of the City of Joy from the heavens and landed at the Digha Beach. Could you imagine a better start to your day ever? After long walks, breezy fresh air, and a cosy time, the soon-to-be-suhaagan-joda rode the chooper back to base, and returned back to the hotel for the rest of the day.

This already seems like the greatest gift one could ever get, but Nicola one upped this too! The surprise that ensued could not get more picturesque and made all of us go awwwwwwwwww (100 Ws).

How would you like a boat that was booked completely privately for you, cold fires upon entry, a guitarist singing your favourite songs, LED Lights custom decorated for you, the boat all decked up with decorations and a private chef preparing the most lavish meals for you? This is exactly what Amitava was up for.

Words literally can’t do enough justice to the atmosphere and experience of the surprise. The couple spent the rest of the night cruising acrsoss the Ganga, as the dazzling night sky became the best backdrop anybody could ever ask for!

Amitava is a man of a few words, but his love and affection for Nicola was completely visible as he encountered layers and layers of surprises. Nicola later said: “We’ve been to countries like Paris and Prague, had lovely dates there, but we’ve never had something as special and amazing as this!”

The couple completely gave us relationship goals and are the reason for half of our team listening to Arijit Singh on loop right now.

Watch the entire surprise unfold!

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