Chitthi Aayi Hai

Do you ever think about the good old days of writing letters and postcards? The joy in writing one and the temptation of waiting for one. Sending one and eagerly awaiting a reply. A simpler time where people would actually sit down to jot and pour their emotions on a piece of paper.

Times have evolved now. Conversations have moved from papers to Whatsapps. From writing long heartfelt letters, the talks have boiled down to “Hey whats up? But, in this world full of three-word messages and emojis, would it not be great if you could jump back to the era of writing postcards? Well, now you can my friend!

Outbox is bringing back the golden era of writing Chitthis! All you need to do is: Catch hold of all your emotions, log on to Outbox, fill in your receiver’s details and unravel your dam of feelings. Just hit send, and we’ll dispatch our Kabuttars to deliver your postcard just in time.

So what are you waiting for? Channel your inner Nicholar Sparks (or EL James, we don’t judge) and get to work. Hurry, your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, sister, mother, aunt, friend, best friend, pen friend, crush (did we mention you can write anonymously) await a lovely postcard on their doorstep.

Toh aap khush ho jaaiye, kyuki bade dino ke baad Chitthi Aayi Hai!

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