Outbox celebrates co-founder’s Birthday!

“The Force is strong with you. A powerful sith you will become. Henceforth, you shall be known as the Birthday Boy!”

Outbox Co-Founder Kaushal Modi was treated to a surprise on his birthday by team Outbox in what accounted to be the culmination of what was a very long well-kept secret at the HQ!

There is no Birthday without a cake (or a mousse)!

The Buildup:

The “secret” planning team (basically including everybody except Kaushal ofcourse) headed by Sukriti Agarwal, Kaushal’s co-founder in crime, had connived long to execute the “delicious” birthday bash it turned out to be.

Conversations on the WhatsApp planning Group, secretly designing the posters, deciding the venue and planning the entire affair, were activities well undertaken weeks before D-Day. Conversations in hushed tones when Kaushal left the room, and IMing when Kaushal was present had become a common spectacle in the days building up to the DAY.

Finally, when the day arrived, the most unthought-of problem was getting Kaushal out of the office! Planning everything was possible, but this was just another summit altogether. After much deliberation we just decided to wing it! Finally the entire team managed to sneak out and reach the venue to start setting up the “foodalicious” affair.

Trying to come up with a plan to leave the office!


Well, as a pre-note, Kaushal is an avid foodie and so the entire arrangement was setup keeping his taste-buds in mind. The first planned activity was “Kaushal’s Kitchen,” where three teams would battle it out to impress Kaushal by making him his three favourite dishes. And as Kaushal entered to the tunes of Happy Birthday (courtesy: Kill Dil), the site of people cooking his favourite dishes welcomed him (the most picturesque possible sight for a foodie)

Three teams: Chhota Packet Bada Dhamaka, Tough and Sweet and Bhai Ka Adda competed to cook Sautéed Mushrooms, Pasta, and Broccoli Soup respectively. Ultimately, the Chhota Packets made the biggest dhamaka and came out victorious, with their sautéed mushrooms!

The rest of the activities were also designed around Kaushal and his likings and interests. The second one for instance, was a quiz about facts based on Kaushal, which contained questions like: “What is Kaushal’s car number?” Now, how on earth is anybody supposed to know this? But that’s the thing, people did know!

The trend carried on and the last activity was about guessing the years of various photos of Kaushal. The phrase, “The Devil is in the Details” came to life! There were no ballpark guesses allowed. Answers had to be exact and on-point. The victor of the contest was to be given the coveted title of “A Kaushalien (get it? Kaush-alien?). Now, who would not fight tooth and nail to bag that prestige? But, the ultimate winner who managed to conquer the competition was the one and only Ikram! The guy managed to out-beat the second-place holder by almost double the points.

All of this brain-gymming was accompanied by the cliché cake cutting, although it wasn’t a cake but a huge mousse (Outbox things!). The entire team spent the entire day eating and having fun in the veil of Kaushal’s birthday. But as they say, “The leader is only as good as his army,” the army returned back to the office at 5:30 (not to sound like heroes, there was leftover mousse and pizza)!

The surprise turned out to be successful (understandable by the face of Kaushal as he entered) and the entire team enjoyed amidst great company and food. It was also a great segway into the festive mood as Christmas was just around the corner. Kaushal by the looks of it seemed to enjoy (I mean, there are photos to prove it) and was quoted saying, “This is the greatest Birthday I’ve ever had!”

A team photo is always necessary!

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