Missed your Bae’s birthday again? We got your bro.

First of all, you have just committed a sin, and you must know that. But, its okay, its probably the 11th time. So no worries. But now that your bae’s birthday (or your anniversary, which deserves a special place in hell for being forgotten) knocks on the door of your life, we have got your back.
We at Outbox excel at planning same day surprises my friend! We’ll whip something up, and they’ll never know, we promise.

So here goes the surprises you can get planned on the very same day (and make it seem like you’ve been hard at work for at least a week):

1.Get her room decorated: Balloons, flowers and lights can never go wrong my friend. Our team does a fantastic job in decking the place up with a rose path on the floor, balloons on the bed and a beautiful canopy on the bed! The most beautiful gift anybody could ever ask for!

2. The Sweet-Heart: Flowers and Chocolates. Do we need say more? Send her a hearts-haped box filled with roses and Ferrero Rochers, and see her face light right up. Or if they are the cupcake-kinda person, send them a box of customised cupcakes. We’ve got all bases covered.

3. Book a Private Shikara: Nothing gets more romantic than sitting on a private shikara rowing through the Ganges as the sun sets. Add music and a lovely decorated setup to it, and you have the best date my friend.

4. Musical: Surprise them with a session of live music as a guitarist sings and plays the most romantic soulful hits. Slow dance, break dance, break ceilings, do whatever that tickles your heart and make a great moment out of it.

5. Private Movie: If your partner is from the breeds of the movie buff kind, this surprise fits perfectly! A Private Lounge, your favorite movie, popcorn and soft-drinks, could you ask for anything more?

Forgetting your partner’s birthday or anniversary is not a crime, yet (bills and legislation pending). But not contacting Outbox during these times, is. So just remember in all these moments of surprise despair, Outbox shall continue to shine the light for you!

Check out all the surprises you can arrange within a day’s time: https://www.outboxsurprises.com/category/same-day-services

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