Super gift ideas for Super Moms!

We all have heard the phrase, ‘Being a mother is a full-time job’. But they fail to mention that it isn’t one single job. It is a complex web of many professions tangled in one messy bun. Mothers are not just ‘mothers’; they also are-

-The treasure hunter who, in 3 minutes, can find that one thing which you have been searching for 3 hours. Thanos would have found the Infinity Stones much before had he asked his mother for help. 
-The therapist who knows you are upset without you saying a single word or making eye-contact. 
-The guardian of the galaxy. 
-The doctor (without an MBBS) who has the remedy for every problem. She can cure your headache, stomachache and heartache in a 10 minutes champi session with a bottle of coconut oil. 
-The supervisor who tells you to clean the hotel room before the room service arrives because what will he think if the room is too dirty? 

Point is- we love and appreciate all the avatars of our mothers, but it’s pretty easy to forget to tell her that. So this Mother’s Day, here are a few suggestions that will help you remind your mother just how special she is- 

1- Scrap books can be used as a perfect blend of pictures and words to relive the happy moments you have shared with your mother. From the vintage pics to the latest selfies, paste them all on colorful pages to brighten Ma’s day. A letter along with it will surely make her drop a happy tear. You can either whip out your craft supplies and make a scrap book or just order one here! 

2-Where flowers bloom, so does love. A hand bunch of fresh roses will sweeten the air for your mother. A personalized letter to go with it will make it sweeter. Given that it is a bit late to start growing the flowers, you can order them here. 

3- The above ideas are brilliant in their own aspects but what if there’s a hybrid of both? A picture bouquet! Highlight the blooming memories with the smell of blooming flowers and you have the perfect gift for this Mother’s Day- and if you are in the city of Kolkata- you can book one right here and get it delivered to your Mum on the special day. 

4- What says love other better than a big, beautiful meal? Bring the best to the table for your mother. Be it Thai, Indian, or Continental, pamper her with the finest food in town. Take her out to a fancy lunch or dinner. Or surprise her by cooking her favorite meal. But if you are not very confident about your cooking skill, you can order a delicious personalized platter from here! 

5-Warm, gooey, sweet- these adjectives can be used for both brownies and mothers! Surprise your mother and earn some brownie point (literally) by baking some chocolate deliciousness. If you want it delivered at your mother’s doorstep in Kolkata, you can order them here.

6- Knit the memories you have shared with your mother and hang them on the wall for the world to see! Showcase your love and make your Ma smile on her special day. You can order one here.

7- Bake some personalized cupcakes and sweeten Ma’s Day with a message to cherish. You can either put on your apron on and start baking or simply order them here.

8- If you cannot decide what to gift her, then gift it all! A hamper filled with goodies like body cream, drinks, sweet, etc carefully curated will definitely make her day (and even week). You can get it here.

A complementary letter in English/Hindi accompanies all the gifts linked above!

You can also choose from a musical melody playing Ma’s favorite hit from the 90’s, or a cupid box to make her feel loved!

When it comes to giving a gift to a mother, we realize that maybe nothing comes close to what she deserves for all that she has done for her children and family. But hey, that shouldn’t stop us from trying! 
So this Mother’s Day, try to gift her from the heart and make her smile.

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