Surprise your partner in Kolkata from anywhere in the world!

Nothing is worse than being separated from the love of your life! And which demon in the world would do something like that (except for their need to earn money, gain achievements, go places). But now that work has managed to prevail over love, go ahead and use this opportunity to brim your partner with surprises!

But in this case, when life has given you lemons, go ahead and make sweet, sweet lemonade my friend! Because what’s better than being in front of your partner while surprising them? Being away from them while surprising them!

Jaha bhi tu jayegi, Outbox waha chala aaye!

Just imagine when your partner least expects it, you go ahead and play the master card! Not only will they be surprised as heck, but it’ll show them how thoughtful and hard-working you really are (we’ll not let’em know that the hard-work part was Outbox)!

Now that distance separates you, let Outbox bridge it with roses, balloons and all the shenanigans! Here are some out of the box ideas that will take no effort from your part, but will put your partner in surprise debt forever:

Office Surprise: Work is boring, everybody knows that! Just think about the barrage of blessing that your partner will shower upon you if you go surprise them in the most boring place on earth! Send a surprise lunch to your partner in their office with their favourite food & personalized notes! Get it here!

Office Lunch with personalized notes!

Love Tree: Photographs are the best way to turn up the notch on nostalgia, and what if we told you we add fairy lights and a miniature tree to that. Imagine your partner at home thinking about you, getting bored, and all of a sudden she is surprised with a miniature tree with your lovely photos hanging from the branches decorated with fairy lights. We guarantee you atleast ten seconds of tears! Get it here!

The love tree with pictures of your evergreen moments!

Décor: Think of your partner entering their same old room, but only this time they’ll have to stop and fall completely in love with you all over again. Imagine the look on their face as they enter the room filled with so many balloons that they can’t even see the floor! With balloons on the ceiling, on the floor and the room looking as lovey-dovey as ever, you will at the least be trending on Instagram (and if you do, don’t forget to tag us)! Book it here!

The perfect Room Decor for your partner this Valentine’s!

Valentines Hamper: Choosing the right gift for your partner on Valentine’s is the toughest exam a person could ever go through (UPSC exams are a distant second). But we have not only cracked it, we are giving you the opportunity to pass it too. The Valentine’s Hamper is the perfect all-round gift! Roses to chocolates to their favourite desserts. Add on a wine bottle and a handwritten scroll to completely top the “mind-blown” meter! Get it here!

The Ultimate Hamper with the perfect guilty pleasures!

The Valentine’s Filmy Week Package: Now if a friend of yours was away on Valentine’s day from their partner, they would never hear the end of it. But you my friend know Outbox. So any chances of you getting slack for it are now gone! The package that everybody in the city is going mad for can now be totally yours. We have handpicked 7 iconic Romantic movies in Hindi Cinema and will be sending gifts on each of the days, related to the movie. To add to the fun, each day your partner will be receiving a card in a unique shape with the gifts. Those cards are actually missing pieces of a puzzle which can be completed at the end of 7 days (The puzzle is an image of hers which you send us). Get the package here!

The Valentine’s Filmy Week Package in all its glory!

Saat samunar paar, Outbox tere peeche peeche aayega!

You my friend, now have access to the holy grail of surprises (we take some credit for it). Surprising your partner when you are away from them, shows them how considerate and romantic you actually are. You on one side might be trying to save your ass, but it translates to pure love and affection when the surprise reaches. So what are you waiting for, when life and distance separates you, appoint Outbox to completely and totally bridge it.

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