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Planning a perfect surprise is like cooking the perfect gajar ka halwa. You want it to impress the one you are cooking it for, you want them to enjoy it, it can never be sweet enough and you want it to be perfectly delicious. But what if you don’t know how to cook gajar ka halwa. Even after seeing all the recipes you just can’t get your head around to finally start cooking it. That is where Outbox becomes your chef. Outbox cooks the perfect gajar ka halwa for you, by that ofcourse we mean plan the perfect surprises (enough with the metaphors!).

Surprises are undoubtedly the best ways to show the loved ones that you care, and obviously the best ways to get yourself out of trouble. Which parents would not like getting a private dinner party for them on their gazillionth anniversary (and ofcourse you’ll arrange it to finally get that Macbook later), and which girlfriend would not like to get surprised with the most romantic dinner date (and so maybe you could get surprised later, you know what we mean right?).

Surprise your Girlfrined with the most romantic dinner date, so maybe you could get surprised later 😉

That’s the truth of life. Everyone likes surprises! Nobody likes responding to a doorbell ringing at midnight, but as soon as a popper blows up on their faces with a cake saying Happy Birthday, it will cheer their day (or night) right up! From your friend who is as introverted as a tombstone, to the friend who is as charged up as Ranveer Singh, every-fricking- body loves a great surprise!

Nobody is asking you to be the Great Gatsby, but showing a little appreciation on your loved ones’ special day is the noblest gift (and don’t forget the extra brownie points you’ll score with God). But, in today’s day and age where all of us are surrounded by hustle, setting time aside to surprise somebody feels “bleh.” Picture that moment of smile on your friend’s face compared to your boss planting a grenade down your throat just seems like a no-brainer. Your Gatsby moment slowly turns to “I’ll send a cake” to “I’ll just WhatsApp them.”

Do not let your Gatsby moment turn to “I’ll send a cake” to “I’ll just WhatsApp them.”

Well, what if we told you that there are Spidermen (I mean rescuers) for all your Gatsby moments, and none of your ideas now need to go down the lavatory (toilet sounds harsh). A great man once said: An Idea not implemented is an idea wasted (well okay, we said it). No idea for a surprise is outrageous, with us, you can go as high as booking a chopper to as subtle as gifting a photo bouquet. We make sure to implement your imagination perfectly so that you could actually focus on sitting back and enjoying the moment, while we take care of the music system in the background.

Go as high as booking a chopper to as subtle as gifting a photo bouquet!

The first and the most innovative surprise planners in Kolkata, Outbox makes sure to make it the most memorable day for your “aankhon ka taara.” Stick to Oscar Wilde’s quote: “An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all,” and watch it come to life as we make sure that none of your surprise Eureka moments go to the Recycling Bin (again, dustbin sounds harsh).

So what are you waiting for, put up Mozart to tingle your inspiration, sit down with a cup of coffee, and let your imaginations run wild! Make sure that you and your partner have the perfect date, make sure that your parents have the perfect anniversary, make sure that your best friend has the bestest birthday ever (they deserve it after all these years listening to your sob stories). Or, let us make it sure for you. Why bother when you can just Outbox your way to the hearts of the people you love!

“The Spidermen to your Gatsby Moments”

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