The Outbox Weekend Binge!

Have you always wanted to host a watch-party with friends like they show it in the movies? Has your mom always been the last obstacle that you just have not been able to get through, because she wants the house clean and your friends are just savages? And even if you did get around to finally hosting it, has the pizza guy come late? Did the coke get over? None of you are willing to get up to go and buy some chips because Thanos just screwed all the Avengers up!? Well, worry not my friend! We finally have the Infinity Stone for this problem!

Outbox has come to your rescue to not let your weekends go to waste! That Binge party that you always wanted to throw, has just been approved! We are here with the biggest, baddest Binge Watch Party in town!

The Outbox Weekend Binge is here to make sure that your week ends the right way. And to start it all off, who better than Avengers! Yes, the first Binge Party is a straight up 8 hour Avengers Marathon right here in the City of Joy!

And as the 8-hour Avenger craze grips you, we decided to  make it even more “tastier!” Your watch party will include snacks from McDonalds and Unlimited Chips and Soft-Drinks. So you just don’t need to go to Ramu Bhaiya’s dukaan anymore and miss any of the scintillating action that the Avengers pack!

Have loads of fun in between the marathon, as we make sure that we play the loudest possible music just when  you might start to doze off in between the marathon.

Why weekend the normal way? When you can weekend the Outbox way! No need to go to the same old club this Saturday, gather your friends for the most fun with the Avengers on the 23rd with the Outbox Weekend Binge!

So what are you waiting for, call up your friend and share it on your WhatsApp group! Slots are limited my friend, so get on it and book your tickets today!

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