The Ultimate surprise for your Superwoman on her super day!

“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.”

The day of the women is here! Well, all days should be for women, but at least one day when the world sits down and decides to celebrate the women in their life has finally come! One extremely special day for you to thank your mother, your wife, girlfriend, sister, friend, aunt, saasu ma for being their in your life, and making your life a much rosier place to be in!

Being the greatest day on Earth, we would like to ask you to take out some time off of your busy schedule and celebrate the most important women in your life and make them feel on top-o-the-world (said in the Anil Kapoor style).We, my friend have decided to help you make your gal feel extremely special by taking load of the “surprise” part of the day.

Gift your lady a box of cupcakes with the best quotes to make them feel extremely special and a letter to completely melt their heart! The cupcakes are all laid with extra special themes that completely denotes all the roles she plays in life and how great she is at all of them! The letter is bound to shoot her up to cloud nine making sure that she has the most flawless day.

So what are you waiting for their! Get on the job and plan the most out of the box day for the woman in your life.

Do it for your mother, who is sick and tired of you not returning home in time, or do it for your girlfriend, who would finally be convinced that you’re not cheating on her, or do it for your teacher, who will finally get some validation on being the best teacher! You can also get for your mother-in-law, to finally be proud of you as her son/daughter-in-law!

On this lovely day, tell her that she is the strongest person you know, that her being in your life has brought you more happiness that a whole lifetime could bring, and that this day is hers and so is every other day! So here’s to strong women. May we be them. May we know them. And let’s celebrate them!

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