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Decor Services

The Balloon Ceiling!

Surprise your loved ones with a beautifully decorated room, with 100+ balloons stuck to the ceiling 100+ on the floor!

Staycation at Marriott with decor

Staycation at JW Marriott with decor and cake

The Rosemantic Decor

Get an exquisite room decoration done and with balloons, rose petals and candles.

Ceiled with love

Get a dreamy room ceiling decoration done with heart shaped foil balloons and rose petals.

First Night Decor

Surprise the newly wedded couple with an elegant room decor, done with lights, rose petals, candles and canopy!

The Wall Decor

Get chrome balloon decoration done with an elegant backdrop and bunting for all occasions.

The Romantic Decor

Get a room decorated with heart shaped balloons and rose petals to make your day romantic and special.

Welcoming Happiness

Plan the perfect baby shower for the mommy-to-be. From decoration to games and activities, we make the event fun, exciting and memorable.

Hotel Room Decor

Your hotel room romantically decorated with balloons, rose petals and candles.

Plan Your Celebration