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Open Air Dinners

Barbecue & Bonfire

An open air party for a group of people with music, bonfire, and Live barbecue!

Poolside date @Lemon Tree

Private poolside dinner date at Lemon Tree Hotel

Dinner Under the Moonlight

A beautiful open-air dinner under a huge tree!

Proposal on a helipad

The grandest proposal and dining on a helipad with a view!

Private Dining at Marriott

Enjoy a private lunch/dinner in this private room restaurant at JW Marriott!

Dining on the Ganges

Sail on this private boat and enjoy a lavish meal with your partner!

Private Dining @ The Park

Take your partner for a private candle lit dinner date with a live musician in a lounge at The Park!

The Ride Of Love

Celebrate your partner's birthday in Kolkata with a date in a private boat in a lake with live chef!

Bon Voyage

Enjoy the surreal experience of dining underneath the open sky on a private boat and sail away with your love!

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