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Perfect Proposals

Pose and Propose

Book this proposal setup for your partner on a lakeside ramp!

Private Movie Experience

Get your partner to an auditorium which is booked just for the two of you and stream content of your choice

The Cabana Dining Experience

Go on a romantic candle lit dinner in a Cabana in Taj West End

Poolside Pampering Dinner

A luxury dinner experience overlooking the pool amidst candles is something to experience in a lifetime

The Love Canopy

Plan this Pinterest-worthy cabana setup at a place of your choice and star gaze together!

Bon Voyage

Enjoy the surreal experience of dining underneath the open sky on a private boat and sail away with your love!

Cozy Movie Affair

A private movie date setup sure to leave you spellbound

The Raw Luxury Experience

Book the entire place to yourself for a dinner experience in the most surreal and romantic ambience.

The LIT Proposal

Propose to your partner in this LIT setup on a lakeside ramp

Plan Your Celebration