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Perfect Proposals

Pose and Propose

Book this proposal setup for your partner on a lakeside ramp!

The Love Canopy

Plan this Pinterest-worthy cabana setup at a place of your choice and star gaze together!

Bon Voyage

Enjoy the surreal experience of dining underneath the open sky on a private boat and sail away with your love!

The Raw Luxury Experience

Book the entire place to yourself for a dinner experience in the most surreal and romantic ambience.

The LIT Proposal

Propose to your partner in this LIT setup on a lakeside ramp

Proposal on a helipad

The grandest proposal and dining on a helipad with a view!

The Mini Titanic

Propose to your partner on the Ganges in a private grand luxury boat with a live musician and butler!

Musical Surprise

Celebrate occasions by sending a guitarist to a person's house to play & sing their favourite songs!

Mini Flash Mob

Get five dancers to perform to fun songs, wearing Happy Birthday t-shirts in your loved ones' house!

Plan Your Celebration