Name a Star

The Surprise

Name a star after your loved one and give them a gift of eternity

Here's a chance to gift something which lasts more than a lifetime: A star. Name a star after your loved one and gift them a certificate showing the coordinates of the location where the star is placed. Their names will be forever registered against the bought star! Perfect to gift the self-obsessed friend or the cheesy couple!  

Things Included:

- A certificate name and a personal message

- Celestial Map



Surprise Specifications :

- Outbox is just a facilitator between the naming service and the customer. We have partnered with the Star-naming registry, which registers the stars on the recipient's name.

- We will email you the certificate and celestial map. If you want a hand delivery, an extra charge of Rs 400 will be applicable.

- Please book atleast 1 day in advance.

- All prices inclusive of GST

Frequently Asked Questions :

In the context of star naming, it is generally understood that a private person is naming a star. This name can be either an invented name, such as “my little star”, or a real name, for example “Anuj Gupta”. In general, any name is possible. All the star namings we process are recorded in the globally recognised Star-naming Registry. The naming of a star is valid for a lifetime, and there are no additional costs.

The registration date is the date on which the star naming is recorded. It does not matter whether the date is in the past or in the future.

Of course, we only name stars that can be seen with the naked eye! You do not need any kind of astronomical instruments to see your star!

Cancellation Policy

- Cancellation not available for this service.

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