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The Surprise

Watch the birthday boy/girl be surprised on receiving a call from the biggest BOLLYWOOD STARS as our mimic wishes and entertains them! Leave them in splits throughout the day with five such calls and each call being heavens apart with different celebrities being mimicked in their funniest styles! Make this birthday truly memorable and fun for them!


Things Included:

5 calls by the mimic artist at different intervals enacting various stars and wishing your loved one

Surprise Specifications :

The calls will be made between 9am to 9pm

The call duration varies from 1-2 minutes

In case the person doesn't respond or the phone is unreachable, we try again to ensure all the calls happen. However we count that as a call after 2 attempts. If the special person is offended with the calls and don't want them continued, the customer will be intimated immediately. The amount, in such a case, will not be refunded

You can tell us the preferences for the bollywood stars you would the artist to mimic

The micmicry can be done in Hindi only

Booking subject to availability. Please read the terms and conditions of the website

All prices inclusive of GST

Frequently Asked Questions :

The person will call 5 times during the day at regular intervals

We do a call attempt twice. Incase the recipient does not answer or call back after 2 call backs, we consider that call to be done

Fluent in Hindi. Can speak broken English

Only males. Renowned actors and politicians. Nana Patekar, Lalu Prasad Yadav, Narendra Modi are some of his best acts

Yes midnight calls are also done. However, they are charged at Rs. 500 separately

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation before 24 hours of the service, with 97% refund.

Ratings & Reviews

siddhant jaitha

It was amazing in a short notice the way things were planned for my 5th year anniversary .. specially the telephonic celebrity mimicry service was outstanding... sukriti and kaushal have taken luxury to the next level and the prices are even very much affordable for any category of people in terms of their choice . Super stuff keep the good work goin on .. looking forward To experience OUTBOX services again shortly.. :)

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