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Welcome your friends, family or partner into a world of happiness by decorating their room like a dream world with this balloon decor! Over a hundred pretty balloons are stuck to the ceiling of their room and more balloons are left to float on the floor to leave them stunned with the cutest surprise as soon as they open the door to their room! Taking the surprise a notch above and say I Love You or wish Happy Birthday with cute big foil balloons decorating their walls and spelling out each letter of your love! Book this surprise to celebrate your friend's birthday, your anniversary, or to welcome a family member back home!

Things Included:

100 balloons on the ceiling

100 balloons on the floor

Foil balloons according to the occasion

Things Excluded:

Helium Balloons

Surprise Specifications :

We are following the WHO guidelines and taking all safety measures. The team uses fresh mask and gloves in every order and go through mandatory temperature check everyday.

Please ensure booking atleast  1 day in advance

Booking subject to availability.Please read the terms and conditions of the website.

You can choose your own choice of alphabet/ number for foil balloons. Upto 6 letters its complimentary. Any extra digit/ alphabet will be charged extra.

All prices inclusive of GST

These are not helium balloons. We discourage the use of so many helium balloons for home use as it is an asphyxiant - it can suffocate you. We use air balloons, fix them to your ceiling with a removable cello-tape (generally no mark on ceiling but please remove within 24 hours) to create the same experience as helium balloons.

Frequently Asked Questions :

If your room is bigger than standard rooms then we will stick the ceiling balloons with little spaces to make it look covered and uniform.

Yes. Please tell us your preferences in the form you receive after booking.

It takes around 2-3 hours to complete the decoration.

Yes. We will need a ladder provided by you to be able to stick the balloons on the ceiling.

We do only round shaped balloons. Heart shaped is not available with this service.

Yes. We can do that on special requests. You can interchange the 'Happy Birthday' or 'I love you' with your own alphabets and numbers. Upto 6 six letters its complimentary. Any extra digit/alphabet will cost Rs 50 extra.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation before 48 hours of the service, with 97% refund.

Ratings & Reviews

Puja Agarwal

It was an amazing experience. You guys are the best. Worth every single penny. Wish you loads of success and love.

chandan agarwall

It was just awsome The services they commit was fulfilled Happy

Anant Jain

Very nice service. You guys were helpful and accomodating and the overall experience was memorable

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