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The Fairy Horse Carriage




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The Surprise

Ask your loved ones to step out of their home to be surprised by this magical ride waiting for them! They are given a grand entry on a red carpet as you hand them a bunch of flowers. Then have them cut a cake to celebrate their occasion. As they board the beautifully lit chariot they are awed with the personalised decor with your messages and pictures! Let your loved ones take in the city's heritage after this overwhelming experience with refreshments and the breeze on the ride! 

Surprise someone who has come to Kolkata just for a day, or celebrate your parents' 25th anniversary, or your child's birthday, with this local experience for an everlasting memory. 

Things Included:

Ride in the carriage for 30 minutes

Red carpet entry

Bunch of flowers

Refreshments - Soft drinks & water

Personalized decor

Music played with speakers

Things Excluded:


Food Box

Surprise Specifications :

The carriage can take upto a maximum of 4 people

The carriage can go to any area apart from Park Street and any area specifically under military control

The ride starts between 11:30 pm and 12 am to avoid traffic congestion. However, the service can also be availed anytime post 9:30 am, the last ride being at midnight

Please ensure booking atleast 2 days in advance

Booking subject to availability.Please read the terms and conditions of the website

All prices inclusive of GST

Frequently Asked Questions :

The ride starts from the location of your choice (Barring Park street, Theatre road, or any area under military control)

Only 4 people are allowed on the carriage. But we would recommend only 2 for a comfortable seating .

Yes you can carry your own food. Carrying alcohol might be risky so we suggest you to avoid that.

Ride cannot be extended for horse carriage experiences.

We have partnered with licensed carriage vendors only. If due to any unforeseen circumstance any mishap occurs during the carriage ride, Outbox It Pvt Ltd will not be liable for it at any cost!

Anytime after 10 pm to avoid getting stuck in traffic.

Cutoff time is the time we give within which the services provided should be completed starting from the time when the order was scheduled. The cut off time here would be One hour. Illustration : if an order is booked for 10 pm, your cutoff time would be 11 pm. Even If you start the service late, you have to complete it latest by 11 pm to avoid extra charges.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation before 48 hours of the service, with 97% refund.

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